27-27 November 2004


Tickets: 12

It’s not just a performance. You won’t just clap and go home. It’s a murder. Investigation needed. Forget your Da Vinci Codes and remember old-fashioned murder. Train Timetables. Co-incidences. Dastardly Deeds. Fluxusdance subverts convention to re-define dance performance and audience participation through open rehearsal and revelation in Delicious Death. Buy “credits” and let your desires and their devices become intertwined and interchangeable. The outcome is a mystery and the mystery becomes the performance.

In the afternoon of each performance exercise your little grey cells and interact with the dancers and choreographer to place the dance and plot under the microscope. If you have ever wanted to challenge choreography – this is your opportunity.

Choreographed by Cathy O’Kennedy

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