Special Event / 01-14 January 2006


Tickets: 15

Delbot – step right up and put your human to the robotic challenge and create your robotic alter ego. watch as your twisted creation comes alive before your eyes in its very own world. Delbot is a 3D generated interactive piece that asks: if you were to become a robot what robot would you choose? What would it look like? Would it be a creation worthy of existing alongside other robots? Can your robot survive the rigours of its daily routine?
Delicious 9 is a unique and innovative animation and design collective that have been working together since 2001. Primarily comprising of animators, Del 9’s qualifications also expand to filmmaking, visual projections, design, illustration and interactive media. Delbot is presented as part of SAVE THE ROBOTS (www.robots.ie) and is a collaboration between Project Arts Centre and The Ark: A Cultural Centre for Children
Delicious 9
Project Arts Centre
The Ark: A Cultural Centre for Children

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