21-21 July 2008


Tickets: 15

Hotly tipped as the next big thing in Irish comedy, Dead Cat Bounce will perform a special preview of their two unique sketch shows back-to-back before embarking on a month long run at the Edinburgh Fringe Festival.

Their self-titled debut, Dead Cat Bounce, is an unrelenting hour of sketches set in the same hotel room. It offers a dazzling array of colourful characters and improbable situations, and the most memorable musical finale you’re likely to see performed by a cast of three.

Dead Cat Bounce… Late Night Radio revisits the golden age of 1950s radio comedy, albeit with a very modern twist. The group perform sketches with a live foley artist, and music played as a full four-piece band. Discover the secrets of sound, the magic of radio, and the lost art of suggesting an advancing army using only a bucket, some spanners, and a pair of rubber gloves.

“A massive hypodermic of adrenaline injected directly into your funny bone.”

Totally Dublin

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