Comedy / 29-30 September 2006


Tickets: 15

The viscount of rumpled whimsy returns to Project with two small keyboards from 1985 and quite a lot of things to say. Some of the things will be ridiculous, some will be vaguely profound. There will be a song about how he was born twelve days before Tiger Woods.
This isn’t a tightly themed, beginning, middle and an end affair, but rather an easily distracted flaneur around the cluttered sprawl of a contemporary human mind as its owner attempts to visualise the movie adaptation of his own life.
Nominee: Award, Edinburgh Fringe Festival 2006
‘His weapons? Two small electric piano organs, a cheeky fury and an ability to magnify the smaller moments of life into mesmerising little comedy operas.’
Sydney Morning Herald
‘You depart with a woozy grin and a warm glow inside, as though O’Doherty had clambered from the stage and hugged each and every member of the audience in person.’
The Irish Independent

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