Theatre / 18-21 June 2014


Tickets: 15/12

All tickets 17 June just €10!

Show Time: 8.15pm

“…nobody is willing to face up to the fact that the man in charge has to be killed dead as soon as the man in charge isn’t in charge anymore”.
How long can you stay in the company of the person who says the unsayable? How long can you humour the intensity of the wide-eyed stranger? How long before you realize that you’ve always thought what they dare to say but you’re just not mad enough, not brave enough, not Dangerous enough to say it.
How long can you stay in the theatre with the DANGERMAN? How long before one of you breaks character? DANGERMAN pays homage to that social misfit – the guy you know and who you try to avoid. He could talk for hours, but he’ll never listen back. He is hard to take seriously, isn’t he…but what if you do? How far can you go with his talk and his games and still stay sane?
This is your chance to experience and explore social terror up close and from a distance.
“…everybody does what you tell them to do, in the end.”
Did the cow jump off the cliff…or was it chased over?
A murder mystery with a difference – how exactly are the cows dying? The search for an answer will tear the three generations of men in this family apart as they try to grasp who really is responsible: The grandson, the Patriarch or his adopted son – his very own Dangerman in the heart of the family. Which of them has the real story? Who among them can be trusted?
“But I’m talking about character. You can’t just tell me what a man’s like by describing him. Descriptions are nothing. The only way to see a man’s character is when he responds to a situation. That’s when you learn it. And I’m learning a lot about the kind of character you are right now.”
With these two plays Dick Walsh has crafted a unique theatrical experience, crossing lines and breaking boundaries, to give you a truly immersive night of theatre. A previous participant on Dublin Theatre Festival’s The Next Stage and the Pan Pan International Theatre Mentorship, Pan Pan and Project Arts Centre are proud to support the development of his work.


“This show forces you into a place far outside your comfort zone. And it turns out it’s fun to visit that place every so often.” – Irish Times
“The style is clearly a nod to the Irish tendency to wax lyrical.” – Irish Theatre Magazine
‘I thought he might actually kill us’ – Irish Times


Suitable 15+ (some strong language)

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