28-28 September 2009


Tickets: 51

Dublin Culture Night will take place on Friday September 25, a night of entertainment, discovery and adventure in Dublin city as over 120 arts and cultural organisations open their doors until late with hundreds of free events, tours, talks and performances for you, your family and friends to enjoy. There’s never been so much culture to experience for free!

This Culture Night have some wine with your culture at Project Arts Centre and meet the artist! One of Ireland’s most exciting new artists, Seamus Nolan, will present a new work focusing on the subject of the Ross Port debate and exploring his interest in the Irish justice system and how its infrastructure parallels that of the art world.

From 6.30pm to 9pm Seams Nolan and the exhibition curators Tessa Giblin & Jonathan Carroll will be available in our gallery to talk to you about the exhibition over a glass of wine. Our gallery will remain open until midnight as part of the Culture Night celebrations.


“..his exhibitions and projects are as much about the conversations that happen around them as they are about what you’re looking at.” Irish Times

This exhibition looks at the 10 year struggle between two cultures in the West of Ireland. On one side, a small community defends the safety of its people and rights of its farmers and fishermen, On the other the consortium of Shell Oil, the Norwegian state company Statoil and

Marathon, plan to bring to market the valuable gas deposit of the Corrib gas field, off the North-West coast of Ireland. To achieve this, a production pipeline is being laid to carry the high pressure gas inland, to a processing plant in Mayo, exiting the Atlantic Ocean and reaching the Irish Coast at Glengad and Rossport.

Read the full Irish Times interview with Seamus Nolan here. Watch RTE’s The View and their review of Corrib Gas Project Arts Centre from 15 September 2009 here.

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