Theatre / 29 September - 02 October 2016


Tickets: 18 - €25

Dates: 29 Sep -1 Oct 7pm
Other performances: 1 – 2 Oct 3pm
Oscillating between anarchy, sitcom and Beckettian gravity, the Kriðpleir Theatre Group takes on various and at times completely unmanageable projects, driven by the members’ desperate longing for truth, social acceptance and respect.
In the midst of writing a major arts funding application and with a deadline approaching, these true fans of open-door policies and the culture of sharing, have decided to let the audience in on the group’s working methods and inner dynamics.
Crisis Meeting is an introduction to the strange world of Kriðpleir; a golden opportunity for art enthusiasts and professionals to get on the same level as the performers, watch them at work and contemplate the mysterious ways of the performing arts.
Join the conversation
Running time: 80 min (no interval)
Talking Theatre: Sat 1 Oct 7pm post-show
With members of the company
Directed by Friðgeir Einarsson
Concept by Kriðpleir
Cast includes Árni Vilhjálmsson, Friðgeir Einarsson, Ragnar Í. Bragason
Text and Dramaturgy by Bjarni Jónsson
Designed by Sigrún Hlín Sigurðardótti
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