Talks and Readings / 30-30 January 2016


This event is free but ticketed
Ever wondered how the plays you see arrive on stage? Where do the stories come from? Who shapes them?  How does it all come together? And who is the dramaturg?
Join Dramaturgs Network Ireland for this exploration and presentation on dramaturgy and the making of new performances. Following the explosion of #WakingtheFeminists this event will look at the many and varied methods and aesthetics employed by Irish women in creating new plays.
Dramaturgs Network Ireland are delighted to showcase the work of three highly successful recent productions:

  • Spinning by Deirdre Kinahan in the Dublin Theatre Festival 2014
  • the much lauded autobiographical audio installation at the Old Mac Belfast in 2015 Reassembled Slightly Askew written by Shannon Yee
  • Farm the documentary performance piece created by Sophie Motley with Willfredd Theatre for Dublin Fringe Festival 2012

This distinguished panel of women theatre makers will be in discussion with their production dramaturgs Gavin Kostick (Spinning), Hanna Slattne (Reassembled Slightly Askew) and Dan Colley (Farm).
The panel will reflect on the different stages of the development process from instigation and inspiration through drafting and workshops into the third and final stage of rehearsal and staging. In this we hope to explore the similarities and differences of each dramaturgs practice across three different forms of performance writing. There will be ample opportunity for feedback and questions from the floor about each stage of the development process.
The afternoon will be completed by two short presentations by Hanna Slattne and Pamela McQueen, co-chairs of the Dramaturgs Network Ireland. These will consider the wider potentials of dramaturgical practice in Ireland by reflecting on Hanna’s work on the Joint Sectoral Dramaturgy Project in Northern Ireland and Pamela’s work as an in house dramaturg working on programme development in the Tron Theatre, Glasgow.

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