01-01 August 2008


Tickets: 8

This special double bill explores what sexual identity really means to the 21st century girls and bois who live their butch/femme roles with passion and commitment. THE AGGRESSIVES Dir. Daniel Peddle 2006 USA 73 mins A Paris is Burning for lesbians, this documentary looks at women who prefer to dress and act as men, as they participate in New York City’s predominantly African- American lesbian drag balls. Over a period of five years, we follow six women who define themselves through their butch sensibilities and habits. Spanning fashion shoots to prison cells, and a deliciously diverse world in between, The Aggressives is a brilliant study of social class, sexuality and gender identity. FtF: FEMALE TO FEMME Dirs. Kami Chisholm & Elizabeth Stark – 2006 – USA – 48mins Colourful, sexy, funny and moving, this film introduces a host of fabulous femme dykes, activists and entertainers who are reclaiming lipgloss and high heels after years of femme oppression. From a support group for lesbians who are ‘transitioning’ to high femme to performances from fat-femme burlesque dancers and razor sharp commentary from femme academics, Female to Femme creates a saucy, indelible impression. The 16th Dublin International Lesbian & Gay Film Festival One of the strongest showcases of new LGBT cinema in Europe, the Dublin International Lesbian & Gay Film Festival provides a great focal point to meet, discuss and enjoy great queer cinema from home and around the world.

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