Performance / 25-25 April 2014


Tickets: Free, but ticketed
Show Time: 6.15pm

The Brain is a Barricade is a performative research enquiry by artist Jesse Jones commissioned for the Live Collision festival. It sets out the task of understanding the phenomenon of aesthetics and politics through an inquiry into the cognitive perceptual capacity of the brain itself.
The inquiry will propose to investigate the relationship between cognitive science and artistic practice and how in particular notions of the political may be aesthetically communicated through art. Perhaps the perceived chasm between the aesthetic and the political in art could in someway to accounted for through other perceptual enquiries rather than exclusively through the field of contemporary art criticism. If life is experienced from firstly from the subjective experience therefore the Brain is the first site of the political. In order to fully understand how this subjective experience recreates the collective site of the social and the wider political script The Brain is a Barricade seeks to look at firstly how political representations are perceived on a phenomenological level in the mind of the spectator. As artists and makers of aesthetic experience how do we create and perceive representations? What is fundamentally at stake in the creation of the political world of the mind? And how can political art change the way we think about the world?
This event is free, but ticketed. Tickets will be available from 21 April 2014, by contacting our box office at or by calling 01-8819613.

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