Theatre / 08-11 October 2014


Tickets: 20-25
Show Time: 7.30pm

History is clogged. There are no more revolutions. What else can we add?
In Book Burning, Pieter De Buysser tells the story of Sebastian, a man he met at an Occupy demonstration, whose life has become embroiled in a WikiLeaks scandal. He follows the man’s search to discover the root of a genetic illness that took the life of his wife and now threatens the life of his daughter, Tilda. She just wants to forget it all.
This is a play about forgetting and forgiving, knowledge and riddles, secrets and the lack of stories. It is a captivating fable, told by a charming story-teller in the guise of Schrödinger’s cat, about personal histories, globalisation and the beginnings of a new world.
Staged alongside a beautiful, unfolding landscape created by visual artist Hans Op de Beeck, Book Burning testifies to the possibilities of language and the magical power of a radical imagination.


Performer: Pieter De Buysser
Visual Artist: Hans Op de Beeck
Lighting Design: Herman Sorgeloos
Dramaturgy: Marianne Van Kerkhoven (Kaaitheater)
Production: Margarita Production


“A truly original piece of theatre. Five stars hardly does it justice.” The Latest UK


Co-production: Kunstenfestivaldesarts, Festival Baltoscandal, Kaaitheater, Belluard Bollwerk International, Teater Avant Garden, BIT Teatergarasjen, Brut Wien.
Project co-producted by NXTSTP, with the support of the Culture Programme of the European Union


There will be a post-show discussion with Pieter De Buysser on 11 October.
Duration: 90 mins (no interval).

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