Talks and Readings / 11-11 October 2016


Show Time: 3pm

The space for engaging with performance is shrinking fast.
Critical coverage is disappearing, star ratings just won’t cut it, and online sharing is simply a speedy and cost effective way of talking only to ourselves.
How about a fresh perspective?
As part of our annual season of panels and public discussions, the makers of Blast, a new platform for conversations about Irish theatre, will host a lively critical discussion about the context for this year’s work, its impact and the talking points of the festival.
Bringing together Irish and international critics, this forum considers performance from several angles and welcomes audience feedback.
If there’s nothing more deadly than consensus, this new discussion also provides an opportunity for spirited debate, challenge and something rarer still – a chance to change your mind.
Join the conversation:
Blast: International Critics’ Forum is part of Festival+, a series of panel discussions, critical events and work-in-progress showcases at Dublin Theatre Festival.
Tickets: Admission to Festival+ events is free but ticketed unless otherwise specified.
Advance booking is advised as seats are limited.
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