Performance / 25-25 April 2019


Tickets: 8-10
Show Time: 9pm

BITE SIZE // SCRATCH is a ‘curated’ fast and furious look at the current new blood / next generation artists who are making dynamic new work in Ireland. Irish artists and companies have limited opportunities to *Scratch live work, and Irish audiences have limited opportunities to engage in live processes ahead of final works. Therefore, Live Collision has curated a selection of companies to present as part of BITE SIZE // SCRATCH.
We are excited to see this work sit alongside the rich and varied programme of the festival which is a truly intergenerational programme of live work across disciplines. And a festival programme that evidences artists practice both before and after ‘shows’ happen. Live Collision audiences are critically engaged and we look forward to welcoming them to this new work.
Matthew Bratko presents The Church of The Tides: This Is A Cult
Cults are powerful. Cults are convincing. Cults identify and fulfill deep needs within us. The Church of The Tides is a cult, and an attempt to negotiate the manipulation inherent in organized religion to gain a further understanding of the revitalizing power of religious services.
Matthew Bratko’s work explores the power of spiritual energy in a theatrical setting.   His work is equally a formal exploration of dramaturgical honesty through the use of collective action within live performance, and an attempt to unravel the impact of his batshit crazy religious upbringing on his quest to save the world. He grew up in the Evangelical Charismatic Christian movement, homeschooled by his parents since the first grade.  After a Series of Strange and Unusual Experiences, he’s now a gay art witch utilizing the full range of spiritual expression to harness collective human energy.
Created by Matthew Bratko
Collaborators Marisa Conroy, Cameron McCauley
Chaos Factory present Morphme
Chaos Factory present a distorted phantasy. Come and search for the self in a hall of deception. What reflects back?
MorphMe is a kaleidoscopic examination of the mind. Of the body. Of how the mind sees the body. With self-altering technology at our fingertips and the bombardment of the latest bodily perfection trends, what lengths will we go to to eradicate our perceived flaws?
A multidisciplinary performance that is both alluding and intimate.
Created by Danielle Galligan, Fionnuala Gygax, Rachel Bergin and Venetia Bowe
Creative Producer Rachel Bergin
Performers Danielle Galligan, Fionnuala Gygax, Matthew Malone and Venetia Bowe
Lighting Design Dara Hoban
Sound Design Denis Clohessy
Movement Director Eddie Kay
Concept Development supported by Mikel Murfi


Matthew Branko owes religion his life. He was born as a result of the “Quiverful” movement that urged Christian couple to not use any form of birth control, and let God plan their families in order to provide Him with “arrows” (believers raised in the church) in his “quiver.” He was pulled out of school in the first grade because God told his parents to homeschool him.
This continued until he left home for UC Berkeley, where he studied Political Science and Performance Studies, started performing and producing theatre, and actualized his latent homosexuality. He continued to the University of Florida, for an MFA in Acting, and produced GUTFest, an underground theatre festival. He moved to Dublin to work with Collapsing Horse Theatre Company, and continued producing theatre and creating his own work. He also performs as KYLE KYLE KYLE KYLE KYLE KYLE KYLE, a surrealist cabaret act.
Chaos Factory is a new experimental Dublin based theatre company founded by Fionnuala Gygax, Danielle Galligan, Venetia Bowe and Rachel Bergin. Chaos Factory’s work is physically led, putting the body at the centre of their exploration in order to make theatre that is playful, strange and beautiful. Their debut production Kiss Kiss Slap Slap was featured in Dublin Fringe Festival 2018. In order to develop this production Chaos Factory were awarded Incubation Space from Dublin City Council as well as support from Fishamble: The New Play Company’s New Play Clinic. Chaos Factory are currently developing a new work MorphMe which examines body dysmorphia in the beauty driven world of today. This development is supported by The Arts Council, Dún-Laoghaire-Rathdown County Council and The Pavilion Theatre Gallery Space Award 2019.
This project is supported by The Arts Council and Dún Laoghaire-Rathdown County Council. Developed at FRINGE LAB with the support of Dublin Fringe Festival, The Pavillion Theatre with support of The Pavillion Gallery Space Award 2019 and Project Arts Centre.

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