Performance / 13-22 April 2006


Tickets: 8

A Piece of Monologue – directed by Jason Byrne
That Time – directed by Jimmy Fay
Breath – directed by Amanda Coogan
Not I – directed by Jason Byrne
One hundred years ago this April 13th, Samuel Beckett was born – an event about which he later came to have serious misgivings. For the rest of us, though, it’s a cause for celebration. Bedrock is proud to present a quadruple bill of seldom-performed dramatic works by Ireland’s greatest 20th century playwright, opening in his home city on his 100th birthday.
Samuel Beckett was one of the truly great writers of the last hundred years. Not only did he reinvent form in fiction and drama, he switched languages in mid-career and still managed to give expression to universal concerns: pain, suffering and endurance. In a career that spanned seven decades, he never stopped refining his art to its essentials.
These four late dramatic pieces are as concise and as concentrated as anything else he wrote. Each is directed by a major talent at the cutting edge of contemporary Irish performance. All four are presented in one unforgettable evening of theatre.

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