Theatre / 06-12 September 2014


Tickets: 12/11 (Preview €10)
Show Time: 1.00pm

Oddie Braddell is an actor. You’ve probably seen him. He has appeared completely naked as a dead body in Ripper St. He has paraded an enormous moustache around the background of a crucial scene in Game of Thrones. He has been the voice of a McDonald’s ad.

What you probably didn’t know is that he comes from a long line of complete bastards. Bloody Braddell of Drogheda was an officer in the Cromwellian army with a particular penchant for genocide. John Waller Braddell was a land agent who held the record for the highest number of evictions during the Famine.
What does this make Oddie? Come and find out.


Running time: 60 mins approx.

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