Performance / 25-25 April 2018

Another March 13th by Dick Walsh

Tickets: 10/8
Show Time: 6.30pm

A work in progress 
What happens when a performer presents newspaper articles to a live audience? We look at the ways this liveness changes the articles, and also the way the articles change the performer. It’s an examination of how people process information and how this in turn informs our contemporary aural/oral culture.
Walter Benjamin says information is something that loses its value once it has been understood – whereas story is something that bears repeating.
This experimental theatre, which is traditionally an endeavour at repetition, is used to unpack what ‘bears repeating’ from the news.
This project has been developed with help from The Arts Council, The Irish Theatre Institute, Pan Pan Theatre and Live Collision.


James Moran is a comedian and theatre maker. His performances use pre-prepared text, on stage improvisation and hyper-surreal storytelling to investigate issues of illness, disability and Irish identity.
Richard Walsh is a writer and theatre director. He has been making work since 2010, focusing on experimental modes of practice. His recent work has included George Bush and Children (2016) and Newcastlewest (2015).


Duration: 1hr 20mins
Co-directors: Richard Walsh and James Moran
Cast: Shane Connolly
Choreography: Maria Nilsson Waller
Music: Brian Walsh
Social Media: Noelia Ruiz
Developed with: Aine ni Laoghaire, Eric O’Brien, Cara Christie, Peter Duffy, Jason Gilroy, Sarah Kinlen, Michael Kunze, Geraldine McAlinden.

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