Dance / 13-13 May 2018

Akram Khan: Can We Live With Robots?

Tickets: 10/8
Show Time: 2.00pm

As robots and Artificial Intelligence (AI) become increasingly prevalent, questions arise around their impact on human relationships. This is the topic of Akram Khan’s thought-provoking documentary, Can We Live With Robots?, commissioned by Channel 4.
Travelling the world from the UK to Japan and the USA, Khan meets with scientists and their creations of AI that already coexist with humans. In doing so, he confronts his own scepticism of how we can form emotional connections with machines.
This film gives rise to an exhilarating duet performed by Khan and Ching-Ying Chien, a final dance described by the Guardian as “one of sly and empathetic genius”.


Choreographed by Akram Khan
Performed by Akram Khan, Ching-Ying Chien
Production by Swan Films


Duration: 60 mins

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