THEATREclub and Depaul Ireland present

Special Event

ADDICTION - A public conversation event

Dates: 26 Mar - 28 Mar

Tickets: €12 (Public lectures €10)

In Ireland, we have an addiction problem. We can’t argue with that. Have we ever talked about it?

Do we ever talk about anything here?

It’s a hard thing to talk about, we’re learning that. We need your help.

We want to have a conversation, infused with ART, about addiction where everyone can hear each other. We want to be able to sit in a room together. Can we?

ADDICTION is festival about addiction, inspired by the people we met in Depaul Ireland hostels, to discuss addiction in Ireland today. It’s a three day investigation. There will be people talking about addiction, people who have lived it and some who haven’t. There will be film, there will be live performance and the bar will be open. It will be different than before, because it has to be.

ADDICTION Pass – Just €40 for all 6 ticketed events! Contact our box office on 01-8819613 for more information.


Full Schedule and Information:

Graham Ryall: From Lemass to Ming – A History of Drugs In Ireland (Public Lecture; 6pm, 26 March, €10)

Remembering Adam & Paul (Special Event – Screening and Discussion; 8pm, 26 March, €12)

Frances Black: On Addiction In The Family (Public Lecture; 6pm, 27 March, €10)

The Holy Show: Addiction Is A Family Illness (Talk; 8pm, 27 March, €12)

Rachel Keogh: Addicts Aren’t Other People (Public Lecture; 6pm, 28 March, €10)

The Holy Show: The Addicts Are Ruining The City (Talk; 8pm, 28 March, €12)

The Rabbit Hole (Film; 8pm, 27 & 28 March, as part of The Holy Show)

Will she get anywhere? (Durational installation; 27 & 28 March, Project Bar)

In fairness? (Performance; Various times & locations)


We are THEATREclub and we make shows about us and the people and things around us. Our secret agenda is to change the world.

Created with fun and love, and framed by manic ambition our work is visually electrifying, drenched in substance and socially engaged.

Depaul Ireland

Depaul Ireland was established in 2002 in Ireland and 2005 in Northern Ireland and is now a leading cross border organisation helping people who are most in need in society, those who homeless and are often multiply excluded and need vital support and the opportunity to realise their true potential and make positive choices for their future.

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