Theatre / 26-30 January 2010


Tickets: 12 - €18
Show Time: 8.15pm

Preview: 26 Jan €12
Dates: 27 – 30 Jan €18/14
Mary McArdle is the best fighter in Drogheda, a title that earned her the moniker ‘Mad Mary’ when she was 15. But now she’s 23 and returning to her home town after serving a six month stretch in Mountjoy prison.
Back home, things have changed and the only thing Mary has to look forward to is being bridesmaid at her best friend’s wedding, but even this comes at a price – she has to find a date to bring to the wedding… and preferably one who’ll wear a suit that matches her dress.
Calipo Theatre Company invite you to join Mad Mary as she searches for a ‘nice boy’ among the geeks, freaks and misfits of small town Ireland, learning the hard way that sometimes being a lover is tougher than being a fighter.
Suitable for ages 15+
Written and Performed by Yasmine Akram
Directed by Darren Thornton
Lighting Design by Sarah Jane Shiels
Set Design by Keiran Mc Nulty
Costume Design by Suzanne Keogh
Composed by Jack Cawley

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