Artistic Director’s Note on Project 50 Season

Fifty years ago, in Project’s founding documents, director Jim Fitzgerald called for “a centre of stability in which ideas and feelings may be allowed to interact both among the artists and among the people”. 

Fifty years on, Project is the leading centre for the presentation and development of contemporary art across all forms of the performing and visual arts in Ireland. We make and present extraordinary work that inspires and provokes our audiences. We are proud of the artists we support and, after five decades, our audiences are just hungry as ever to experience the brave and the bold.

The artists I have programmed for our Project 50 season have all defied expectations: challenging both their forms and their audience’s ideas about what art and performance can be. I am proud and delighted to present their work at Project because these artists represent the ambitious work which I want Project to continue to support in the future – creating more great art and nurturing inquisitive audiences.

Project is more than a building, more than its artists and audiences, more than one season or programme or festival, more than one ideology or approach. Project is the artistic expression of the now and the anticipation of the next.

Come celebrate with us this season!

Cian O’Brien
Artistic Director
Project Arts Centre

Project 50 Season
from October 2016

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