Malaprop Theatre

MALAPROP Theatre is a Dublin-based collective of theatre-makers who aim to challenge, delight, and speak to the world we live in (even when imagining different ones).

Works to date include: LOVE+, BlackCatfishMusketeer by Dylan Coburn Gray, JERICHO, and Everything Not Saved.

In 2019 they toured across the world including Incoming Festival, UK, an extensive Australian tour including Darwin Festival, Sydney Fringe, Brisbane Festival, and Melbourne Fringe, Inside Out Theatre Beijing and Lyric Belfast.

They are currently dreaming and scheming new works, and looking forward to presenting HOTHOUSE, a show which was due to premiere in March 2020 but was cancelled due to Covid-19.

MALAPROP Theatre is comprised of seven theatre artists.
Claire O’Reilly (director), Breffni Holahan (performer, maker, and producer), Dylan Coburn Gray (writer), Maeve O’Mahony (performer and maker), Molly O’Cathain (set, costume, graphic designer), John Gunning (lighting and AV designer), and Carla Rogers (producer).

MALAPROP Theatre are resident artists of Project Arts Centre, Dublin.



Everything Not Saved

Everything Not Saved is about memory (but not nostalgia).

Come see ex-lovers argue about when they were happiest. Come see police officers rewrite history. They don’t mean to, but they do. Come see Rasputin dance like no one’s watching. Also the Queen is there.

Let’s feed the present to the past. It’s a kind of ritual. A kind of sacrifice. Memory always is.



LOVE+ is a one-woman two-hander about the inevitability of human/robot relationships. It’s a show about loving, being loved, being human, and whether those things are intertwined

It asks: What happens to romance when there’s a machine who can do everything for you; cook for you, clean for you, never forget your birthday or how you like your tea, tell you you’re beautiful, hold you when you’re crying, and still make you cum?

The show can’t be about whether or not we can love machines, because we all already do. So it’s about what it’ll be like when they start to love us back.



JERICHO is about professional wrestling. Kind of. There’s a good reason, trust us.

It’s about the world we live in, and have always lived in, and always will live in. It’s about bad things happening that a lot of people think are good things (and vice versa). It’s also about wrestling, journalism, and treating entertainment like it’s politics (and vice versa).



BlackCatfishMusketeer is about people getting to know each other through screens, and the presentation of old themes in new situations. It’s about trust, doubt, closeness at a distance, and being worried you’ll die alone and cats will eat you.

It’s about meeting someone online, and all you know is their name and that they seem to like you as much as you like them. It’s about people thinking love each other. But do they? Can they? What is love, anyway?

This show doesn’t look like the internet, it feels like it.


Production Listing

Everything Not Saved
Guardian’s Best EdFringe Shows 2018
Melbourne Fringe Award 2018
Brighton Fringe Award Nominee 2018
Award for Excellence Nominee, Brighton Fringe 2018
Romilly Walton Masters Award, Centre Culturel Irlandais Paris 2018
Best Production Nominee, Dublin Fringe 2017
Georganne Aldrich Heller Award, Dublin Fringe 2017
Irish Independent Theatre Highlight 2017
Premier: Project Arts Centre (Dublin Fringe Festival 2017)
Toured to: Summerhall (Edinburgh Fringe Festival 2018), Centre Culturel Irlandais (Paris 2019)
Toured to New Diorama Theatre London and HOME Manchester (Incoming Festival 2019)

Spirit of Dublin Fringe Festival & Project Arts Centre Commissioning Award 2015
Irish Times Cultural Highlight 2015
Premier: Project Arts Centre (Dublin Fringe Festival 2015)
Toured to: Summerhall (Edinburgh Fringe Festival 2017), Camden People’s Theatre (London 2018), New Diorama Theatre London and HOME Manchester (Incoming Festival 2018), Inside Out Theatre (Beijing 2018)
Toured to Darwin Festival, Sydney Fringe, Brisbane Festival, and Melbourne Fringe (Australia 2019)

Lyn Gardner Vault Festival recommendation
The Stage Vault Festival recommendation
Time Out London recommended production
Exeunt Magazine featured production
Selected for publication by Nick Hern (Plays from Vault 4)
Bewley’s Cafe Theatre Commission 2017
Premier: Bewley’s Cafe Theatre 2017
Toured to: Underbelly (Edinburgh Fringe Festival 2018), Vault Festival (London 2019)

The Stage Editor’s Top Theatre Pick of Edinburgh Fringe 2017
Exeunt Magazine Top Theatre Recommendation at Edinburgh Fringe 2017
Best New Play Nominee at Dublin Fringe 2016
Premier: The Lir (Dublin Fringe Festival 2016)
Toured to: Summerhall (Edinburgh Fringe Festival 2017), Camden People’s Theatre (London 2018)
Lyric (Belfast 2019)
Inside Out Theatre (Beijing 2019)


Everything Not Saved
Georganne Aldrich Heller Award, Dublin Fringe 2017
Melbourne Fringe Award, Edinburgh Fringe 2018
Centre Culturel Irlandais Romilly Walton Masters Performance Award 2018

Spirit of Fringe Commission Award, Dublin Fringe Festival 2015

Press Quotes

“A company of real ambition. One which is using theatrical form to grapple with the complexities of a world where the ground is constantly shifting beneath our feet and where what we believe can be recalibrated not just on a daily basis but minute by minute.” Lyn Gardner, Stagedoor

“Since their first Fringe appearance, the riveting company MALAPROP have been asking some of the most salient questions about this jittery world of ours while discovering engaging new ways to explore them.” Peter Crawley, Irish Times

“MALAPROP have quickly distinguished themselves as one of Ireland’s most exciting emerging companies.” Ruth McGowan, Dublin Fringe Festival

“Moving into MALAPROP fan-girl territory now but they are bloody good. Exeunt’s new fave company.” Natasha Tripney, Exeunt Magazine

“A company that will go far” British Theatre Guide

“As MALAPROP Theatre continues to develop its distinct approach to theatre-making, it is rather likely that their name will become rather significant in the coming years.” The Outlier

Latest News


This is MALAPROP’s call for citizen art made by citizen artists. It’s for absolutely everybody. (Sort of.) (Or will be just as soon as we abolish money.)

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