Exhibitions/ 01 Nov 2007 - 01 Dec 2007


Mariana Castillo Deball (Mexico), L Budd Et Al. (New Zealand), Rene Gabri (Iran/USA) & Ayreen Anastas (Palestine), Peter Galison & Robb Moss (USA), Bea Mc Mahon (Ireland), Garrett Phelan (Ireland), Grace Weir (Ireland), Mick Wilson (Ireland) ADMISSION FREE Blackboxing: the…

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25 Oct 2007 - 10 Nov 2007


This magical and surreal piece tells the tale of small-time act Gubu and Harle. They are one man down ... but the show must go on. When the beautiful Angelina naively steps into the ring they trick and seduce her…

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23 Oct 2007 - 10 Nov 2007


Lola is fifty and wants to sell her home. Nobody ever calls and she has stopped opening her mail. Rose is thirty-four and lives on a farm with her husband and two children. She worries she may have married too…

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20 Oct 2007 - 20 Oct 2007


T NEW DANCE/NEW MUSIC Did I make you up? is about finding, keeping and maybe manufacturing your one true love. Using the chaotic, but usually predictable, trajectory of romance as its guide, Did I make you up? explores both sonic…

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14 Oct 2007 - 14 Oct 2007


Focusing on the romantic and artistic conflicts between four theatrical characters, The Seagull is the first of Chekhov's four major plays. Krétakör approaches the secrets of this intricate play, performing it as a story set in our time about people…

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13 Oct 2007 - 13 Oct 2007


'A quick summary? It was about shagging as many as possible as quickly as possible.' Based on the Lars von Trier film of the same title, The Idiots follows a group of young people who share one interest: idiocy. Deciding…

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