Theatre/ 16 Sep 2012 - 16 Sep 2012


OK OK A minimalist comedy performed by the audience themselves. For 4 at a time. The seated participants simply read, out loud, the words hi-lighted on the scripts they hold. By 'just saying the lines' all four readers find meaning…

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Talks and Readings/ 15 Sep 2012 - 15 Sep 2012


Talks Cube By Sorcha Kenny co curated by Lynnette Moran | Live Collision as part of ABSOLUT Fringe WALKING, WE ASK QUESTIONS (PART 2) Walking, We Ask Questions (Part 2) is an extension Walking, We Ask Questions, a 7 hour…

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Dance/ 13 Sep 2012 - 15 Sep 2012


Dance Space Upstairs By Croí Glan as part of ABSOLUT Fringe AN OUTSIDE UNDERSTANDING Our experience shapes our perceptions. Our fears and our prejudices shape our views of others. We define others and are defined in return, its human nature.…

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Theatre/ 13 Sep 2012 - 22 Sep 2012

€15 - €13 - €11

Theatre Cube By THEATREclub as part of ABSOLUT Fringe HUNGRY TENDER "Hungry Tender - Watch him eat - Hungry all night long - These meals will never be complete - Defeated on repeat. - Hungry Tender - Humbly sweet  Listen and you'll know." Shane is making…

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Dance/ 10 Sep 2012 - 15 Sep 2012

€15 - €12 - €10

Dance Space Upstairs By Emma Martin Dance as part of ABSOLUT Fringe DOGS Dogs exposes what happens when unrelenting pressure pushes us towards extreme distress. Witness six dancers, one soprano, one viola/harpsichord player and a drummer as they wade through…

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Special Event/ 08 Sep 2012 - 23 Sep 2012


Theatre/Dance/Performance Space Upstairs & Cube By ABSOLUT FRINGE ABSOLUT FRINGE 2012 Occupy Your Imagination with  ABSOLUT FRINGE this September as the festival returns to Project Arts Centre and takes charge of the city for 16 days. In true Fringe fashion…

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