Music/ 29 Nov 2013 - 29 Nov 2013

€20 - €18

Crash Ensemble and special guest Valgeir Sigurðsson bring you music from the vast landscapes and expansive beauty of the northern shores of Europe. Featuring works by Kaija Saariaho (Finland), Tobias Brostrom (Sweden), Rolf Wallin (Norway), Rune Glerup (Denmark) and Valgeir…

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Theatre/ 21 Nov 2013 - 23 Nov 2013

€22 - €18

Forced Entertainment's latest performance explores ideas and clichés of hope. Writing and collecting future scenarios, as well as small narratives concerning optimism and despair, the company investigates the speculative nature of anticipation and the myriad possibilities the future holds in…

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Theatre/ 19 Nov 2013 - 23 Nov 2013

€14 - €12 (18 November - All tickets just €10!)

Marvel is a searing portrait of characters devastated by the end of the spurious economic boom which had served them so well. A despairing businessman and a resilient prostitute sustain and challenge one another in a gripping emotional pas de…

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Theatre/ 19 Nov 2013 - 23 Nov 2013

€10 (Limited availability)

This interactive tour brings the audience backstage to meet face-to-face with the characters in a promenade style performance. Exploring the notion of identity within the work place and the position of the individual within the group; the audience are invited…

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Dance/ 18 Nov 2013 - 19 Nov 2013

€14 - €12

D is for Dodo, T is for the Tasmanian Tiger... ABeCedarium Bestiarium is an ABC of extinct animals performed by collaborative, Berlin-based artist Antonia Baehr. Baehr invited her artist friends to choose an extinct animal, with each animal standing for…

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Theatre/ 12 Nov 2013 - 16 Nov 2013

€22 - €18 (12 November all tickets just €16!)

Adrian Dunbar plays Brendan Behan in this warm and funny drama of an Irish national treasure. This Lyric Theatre Belfast production opened the Naughton Studio in 2011 to great acclaim before being revived for an international tour, including a limited…

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