Theatre/ 11 Sep 2013 - 16 Sep 2013

€14 - €12 - €10

For the duration of the experience five real performers are owned by you. From every angle they look convincingly life like. Their movements have been strategically choreographed and set to a soundtrack of appropriated voices that will aim to manipulate…

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Performance/ 08 Sep 2013 - 14 Sep 2013

€14 - €12 - €10

PaperDolls have taken to their bed! The bed, the leaba, the doss! A cot, a bunk, a bunker: a hideout, a retreat. The bed hosts peaceful sleepy dreaming, pleasure and rest, and harvests quiet nightmares, anxiety, fears, illness, sadness and…

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Special Event/ 07 Sep 2013 - 21 Sep 2013

€0.00 (Free)

Supperette is a transient food station providing an early supper for people creating and absorbing culture (hungry work either way). Seasonal, colourful food to sustain and restore,  neither free nor expensive. Luncheonette is the food strand of Jennie Moran’s visual…

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Dance/ Theatre/ 07 Sep 2013 - 10 Sep 2013

€14 - €12 - €10

Fitzgerald & Stapleton Dance Theatre Who is your Father? Who are you? and despite all your WAGE are you still just a twat in a cage? WAGE fucks with sexuality, gender division, wage inequality, dreams, spirituality and ritual through the…

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Theatre/ 06 Sep 2013 - 14 Sep 2013

€14 - €12 - €11

We have to find the way. To tell this. Our story. Together. For tomorrow and tomorrow and tomorrow. All of this has happened but it’s not who we are. All of this has happened and it’s just not us. So…

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Theatre/ 05 Sep 2013 - 21 Sep 2013

€14 - €16 - €12

When push comes to shove do you really care about long division?Welcome to the staffroom, you're invited in, but this time it's not you who's in trouble. Meet the teachers - nicknames, nagging and knockouts, no one is spared."How did…

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