An International Women’s Day Tribute to our Outgoing Curator, Lívia Páldi

A tribute to our outgoing Curator, Lívia Páldi, by Executive Director, Orla Moloney:

“Working alongside Lívia Páldi for the last four years has been a fantastic pleasure and a stimulating, creative disruption for all of us at Project.  

Catching glimpses of Irish artistic, economic and political life as seen through the eyes of our Hungarian curator has meant a constant questioning of the constructs underpinning all that is familiar.  

Alongside her presentation of work by significant Irish artists such as Sandra Johnston (whose astonishing performance in the Cube in August 2019 still reverberates), Lívia introduced us to a number of important international artists whose work (fresh and new to many of us) deconstructed identity and pulled apart the components of grand historical and political narratives in rooms full of fake histories, fake art collectives and fake artefacts.  

Our more local stories were also under scrutiny as Livia turned her gaze to the Project Archive, unearthing gems from the last 50 years and questioning how our institutional history is told.  

Lívia brought a rigour and wit to all of her work at Project and we believe that the impact of that work will only become fully apparent in the coming years.” 

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