The Second International Dyke March, 1998

On 26th June 1998, the day before Pride, 300 women took to the streets of Dublin sporting a banner emblazoned with the slogan ‘Lust for Power: The Second International Dyke March’. The first international march had been held in New York in 1995. In the wake of its success, a group of women from across Ireland, in collaboration with members of the New York-based ILGO (Irish Lesbian and Gay Organisation), formed the International Dyke March Committee to bring the march to Ireland.

The focus of the march was to highlight lesbian visibility. It was colourful, joyful and loud. Though a celebratory atmosphere, its intention was also political, reminding the wider community that women were not content with hiding their sexuality. As described in Dykes take to the Streets, GCN issue 107, June 1998: ‘…our sexuality is what makes us who we are, and our lust for sex, for life, for freedom, is a powerful force.’

Lust for Power, by The International Dyke March Committee, GCN, issue 103, Feb 1998

Dykes take to the Streets, by FHR, GCN, issue 107, June 1998



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