Outhouse door sign, 1997

Original Sign for Outhouse in the South William Street premises, 1997
Courtesy of Outhouse
Photo: Nat Schastneva

In June 1997, Outhouse first opened its doors as an LGBT community centre in a rented premise on 6 South William Street in Dublin’s south city centre. By the time Outhouse opened, the National Lesbian and Gay Federation (NLGF), a predecessor of National LGBT Federation [NXF] and Gay Community News (GCN) were core tenants, contributing to Outhouse quickly becoming a thriving community hub, with a rapid increase in activity by community groups and individual users. It also hosted the Dublin Pride Festival the same year.

Outhouse is an LGBT+ community and resource centre currently located on 105 Capel Street in Dublin. The centre is a safe space for LGBT+ people to inform, meet, organise, and make things happen. The drop-in centre provides information and signposting service, a café, sexual health clinic, outreach and training, personal development courses, and multi-purpose meeting rooms and spaces for activities and events. Outhouse connects and helps the LGBT community in various ways, and many different community and peer support groups meet on a regular basis in the centre every week.

Visit: www.outhouse.ie

For more information: 105 Capel Street, D1 T: 01 8734999 E: info@outhouse.ie


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