LINC, 1999

LINC – Advocating for Lesbian and Bisexual Women in Ireland was established in 1999 to provide a safe community space for lesbian and bisexual women in Cork and is the only lesbian and bisexual women’s resource centre in the Republic of Ireland. Having supported other members of the LGBTQ+ community, it was felt that there was a growing need to establish a dedicated space for the lesbian and bisexual female community. The organisation aims to improve the quality of life, health and well being of all those who identify as lesbian or bisexual.

LINC has expanded and developed over the years welcoming LB women from many different parts of Ireland. The resource centre on White Street acts as a drop-in space and a hub for its 4 key areas of work which include Health and Wellbeing; Education and training; social support, and social inclusion. A range of different services are offered including groups such as drama, book club, walking and hiking, fitness, soccer, peer support, community education, low-cost counselling and outreach programmes in Kerry and Waterford. A penpal project called Silver Scribblers links older LB women with trained volunteers building up a community link and connection.

Lesbian activism has had a long history in Cork, from small underground gatherings in the ’70s to today where Cork is the only city in the republic with an organisation that works exclusively with lesbians, bisexual women and their families not only from Cork but also from many other parts of the country. From the early ’80s; the Women’s Place in the Quay Co-op, the establishment of Lesbian Line, The Other Place, Cairde Chorcai and on to LINC, there has been an active community in Cork.  Set up in 1999 LinC (Lesbians in Cork) is the result of decades of lesbian and bisexual women organising and supporting each other and the vision of those who followed their dream of having their own community resource centre. The first home was on Georges Quay but after a year more suitable premises were found on Princes St. In 2005 the organisation moved to White St where we are still based. To reflect the ever-increasing number of LB women using the service nationally the decision was made around 2010 to change the spelling of the organisation to LINC and drop ‘Lesbians in Cork’.


(Words by Kate Moynihan, CEO of LINC)

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