Maser Artwork Subject to Planning Permission to Be Taken Down

Repeal the 8th Artwork by Maser for The HunReal Issues at Project Arts Centre

“It can be startling when an artwork shakes our foundation, and is testament to art’s value and power.”
Sarah Pierce, Chair of the Board of Project Arts Centre

We have taken the decision to remove the mural artwork by celebrated street artist, Maser, painted on the front of our building, after receiving a warning notice from Dublin City Council Planning Department that the work is in violation of the Planning & Development Acts (2000-2015).

Commenting on the artwork, Project Arts Centre Artistic Director, Cian O’Brien, said:
We have had an astonishing response to this artwork by Maser and I want to thank everyone who has contributed to the conversation around this important topic. I in no way wish to censor or silence an artist; I respect the legal position that the DCC Planning Office is in and the parameters within which they are working. This artwork occurs in the context of many in the artistic programme. It is the first time Project has been presented with a planning notice for a painted artwork on the front of our current building. Project Arts Centre is complying with the planning notice and has removed this artwork. We look forward to working through official channels with Maser and The HunReal Issues to explore the possibility of re-installing this work as soon as possible.”

Project Arts Centre has received an extraordinary level of support for Maser’s artwork, which was commissioned by The HunReal Issues; the Centre received messages and letters of support from TDs, Senators, Dublin City Councillors, the Union of Students of Ireland, charities, artists, public figures and from members of the public. An online petition set up by The HunReal Issues on to support the mural was signed by over 3000 people in 3 days.  Project received over 200 letters of support and 50 complaints.

Sarah Pierce, Chair of the Board of Project Arts Centre commented:
On behalf of Project’s Board, I want to thank Maser for creating a beautiful and movingly generous artwork. I would also like to acknowledge the small minority who have voiced disapproval or dismay. It is a reminder that art matters. Art summons us to engage with the issues of our day, which this work does admirably. It is a creative, generative example of what it means to care about the society we live in.”


Maser is an artist originally from Ireland, now living in the USA. As early as 1995 under the moniker ‘Maser’, he began painting graffiti on the streets of Dublin, where he soon earned the respect of other graffiti artists in Ireland and throughout Europe for his unique abstracted style. After studying Visual Communication at art school in his home city, he went on to establish himself as one of Ireland’s leading visual artist working in the urban environment. is a new website and social stream aiming to politically mobilise the women of Ireland who normally don’t engage with politics or current affairs.  Covering issues that directly affect women on the green isle, they’ll be presented in an interesting, relevant and easy to digest way to engage the average, self-confessed girlo.  The first ‘issue’ The HunReal Issues is throwing energy at is repealing the 8th amendment. Irish women deserve to have full control of their reproductive rights – from full body autonomy to the choices they make with their doctor in their maternity care and childbirth, including abortion.

Planning Regulations from the Department of Housing, Planning & Local Government:

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