Performance / Theatre / 21-21 January 2015

Wednesday: THE THEATRE MACHINE TURNS YOU ON 4 – The Jam Sessions

Tickets: 14/12
Show Time: 6.30pm

In 1968, rock music was changed and influenced by artists coming together to produce a bargain-priced sampler album: one album, one track each. This was The Rock Machine Turns You On.
In 2014, THEATREclub have gathered 16 artists to come together.
One slot each. A bargain priced ticket.
And a festival of scratch showings of new work, pieces which are still raw and not yet fully formed.
THE THEATRE MACHINE TURNS YOU ON 4 – The Jam Sessions offers you a unique chance to see the big shows of 2015 before anyone else.
Alan Howley and Jack Cawley
It would be nice if things were simpler, wouldn’t it?
Erica Murray, Oonagh O’Donovan & Heather Walsh
Oh, What a Lovely Rose
A cheeky peek into The Rose of Tralee and how a changing Ireland needed a new type of beauty queen
Zoe Ní Riordáin
Recovery the Musical
We are in the process of making a show about the process of recovery
Red Bear Productions (Tracy Martin, Aoibheann McCann)
Harder Faster More
Two actors try to figure out ways of presenting and discussing hardcore porn on stage
Each night, your €14 ticket will give you access to four 30 min performances.
No night is the same. No show is the same.
This year’s work is about connecting, hardcore porn, robots, glass, falling apart and much more.
For the full line-up of each night’s performances, follow these links:
Wednesday 21 January
Thursday 22 January
Friday 23 January
Saturday 24 January
This year’s THEATRE MACHINE also has music gigs from some of the best bands and musicians on the scene right now. The artists will all be experimenting and trying something new but they may also treat you to a few hits! To read about the music programme and book tickets, click here.


Curated and Facilitated by THEATREclub
Producer: Shane Byrne
Lighting Designer: Eoin Winning
Image: Louis Haugh


THE THEATRE MACHINE TURNS YOU ON 4 – The Jam Sessions is kindly supported by The Porterhouse.


2 hr 30 min approx
Suitable ages 14+
Contains content which some audiences may find disturbing

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