Artists' Campaign to Repeal The Eighth Amendment present A Day of Testimonies at Project Arts Centre
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A Day of Testimonies- Evening Performance

  • 26 August 2017 7.30pm
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In honour of the testimonies given by citizen’s directly affected by our eighth amendment some of Ireland best loved performers and artists will come together for a very special evening of performance, music, poetry and contemplation on the human impact the of our Eighth Amendment.

Line up including Kevin Barry, Cathy Belton, Cecily Brennan, Marian Keyes, Alice Maher, Paula Meehan, Eleanor Methven, Lisa O’Neill, Tara Flynn and more.

Testimonies supplied by the Abortion Rights Campaign (ARC), Terminations for Medical Reasons (TFMR), the Association for Improvements in Maternity Services Ireland and first hand experiences told to the Citizens’ Assembly



Recognising the complexities of the human situation is traditionally the artist’s role.


The Artists’ Campaign to Repeal the Eighth Amendment presents A Day of Testimonies at Project Arts Centre, a day of performances, visual art and film that will reflect both the complexity of the issue and the simple truth that women’s health is put at risk because of the Eighth Amendment to our Constitution.


Find out more about the full programme of events for A Day of Testimonies and the Artist Campaign to Repeal the Eighth here

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