Dance / 06-08 April 2017


Tickets: 14 - €16
Show Time: 7.30pm

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Tickets will cost €2 more if you book within 2 hours to showtime
Special Dance Deal The Cove and On. Pulse:
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The Cove is a performance about the natural world, and the place of people in it.
A reflection on the experience of the beauty of the wild Irish coast and its embodiment in movement.
Through a changing environment of large reflective blocks a woman travels.
She climbs, sits, contemplates and is enfolded by the spirit of the place.
The Cove is the result of a creative collaboration in 2012 between Echo Echo Artistic Director Steve Batts, internationally acclaimed artist Dan Shipsides and musician Christopher Norby. The production has been recognised as a highlight of stage and screen design 2007 – 2014 by the Irish Theatre Institute.

“told with fable-like simplicity, the dance is a multi-layered meditation on overcoming the constant force of gravity and the fear of falling in order to achieve the joyous freedom of the peak”
Irish Theatre Magazine

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Running time: 65 min
Created by Steve Batts, Dan Shipsides, Christopher Norby and the Echo Echo ensemble
Music Christopher Norby
Installation Dan Shipsides
Costume Helen Quigley
Choreography Steve Batts and the Echo Echo ensemble
Directed by Steve Batts
Performed by Ayesha Mailey, Kelly Quigley, Antonina Sheina, Zoe Ramsey, Maria Svensson

Supported by the Arts Council of Ireland, the Arts Council of Northern Ireland and the Esmee Fairbairn Foundation

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