Theatre / 05-21 September 2013


Tickets: 14/16/12
Show Time: 8.15pm
When push comes to shove do you really care about long division?Welcome to the staffroom, you’re invited in, but this time it’s not you who’s in trouble. Meet the teachers – nicknames, nagging and knockouts, no one is spared.“How did I end up like this, so tiny, in polyester pants over time going shiny, and wearing away until hard and then frayed , flayed over rota and rules and first aid?”
HotForTheatre present a show that challenges the familiar and infiltrates the system in bells, beats and breaks. For anyone who wonders what happens when ‘how we do things’ becomes more important that the people we do things for.
Company Information

HotForTheatre seeks to touch, move, delight and shock you…but in a nice way. The company have performed I ♥ Alice ♥ I and Eternal Rising of the Sun to to 138 audiences in New York, Iceland, Scotland, Australia, New Zealand, Croatia and in 18 venues across Ireland.
Break is their third time at the Dublin Fringe Festival and marks two firsts – a HotForTheatre/Dublin Fringe Festival co-production and Fringe on tour at Draíocht – September 27 – 28.
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